Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Quick Test for Übernerd-ness

Here's some quick hints for you:
  • While Christmas shopping you buy a used original NES controller so that you can try to turn it into an MP3 player as a gift. (Short answer for that: you can without extensive effort but more than I can fit into a week and half when I don't have the parts; I may hold onto it for a birthday... or I could buy a cheap MP3 player and cannibalized it... that's oddly tempting...)
  • You spend several hours trying to locate your Half-Life game CD so you can make a "Black Mesa Company Christmas Card" from screenshots. (Spent an hour looking, couldn't find it; I may give this person a UNATCO themed Christmas card.)
  • Wasted an hour while Christmas shopping trying to find a miter box that had a thirty (or sixty for that matter) degree slot so you could cut perfect hexagons for another Christmas gift. (Couldn't find one; I'm considering going upscale on this.)
Hope you have a nerdy holiday!