Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Original D&D Comics

Across a period of two years in the early 80's TSR ran a special series of advertisements in comic books for Dungeons and Dragons. These ads were short comic strips detailing an adventure party which makes them the original D&D comics. We start our story with the adventure already in progress (I have been unable to locate an earlier strip leading into this):

This page is the only one with a signature: Willingham. That would be Bill Willingham, artist on the very impressive series Fables, who spent one year doing images for TSR modules. Obviously he did not do the first page.

After after that the adventure ends, but the advertisements must go on so...

And so it ends. No more of these advertisement strips were produced; the next month TSR switched to a more normal advertisement for their game just showing a few people in a psuedo-medieval town.