Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oddest Place to Find an Autographed Book

I've had books autographed, I've bought signed books, I've even bought books on a steep discount to discover that they had been signed. However I have found signed book in a very odd place: Wal-Mart.

Around a year ago I was at a store for something inexpensive and poked my nose through a pile of clearance books. In it I found this:

When I was younger I got a kick of Donaldson's more... depressing take on a fantasy protagonist but this is the seventh book in a series from an author who was trying to recapture the popular series that got him attention so I wasn't expecting much. On the cover was a sticker that said "Signed Copy" though and sure enough:

It doesn't appear to be a stamp. So I got a signed copy of the book for a dollar from Wal-Mart.

I still haven't read it.