Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Few Words on the Status of the Nebula Reviews

Here I am nearly four weeks after the order and I still do not have copied of Timescape or The Book of the New Sun (since two volumes in that series won major awards I decided on getting an omnibus of the series). It has reached the point that if I have not received them by Friday I am going to order them again and if they do turn up I happen to have a coworker that complained loudly the other day of how the works of Piers Anthony and Terry Brooks have been going down hill.

In total seriousness.

And he's over forty.

I do have enough social awareness left that I somehow managed to keep the response to a simple "Uh-huh." Since these books would have to be terrible on the scale of Hominids before approaching Brooks's and Anthony's average writing he might appreciate them.

But that leaves me without the ability to continue my reading for at a minimum another week. On the other hand once I receive the books I've got the rest of the Nebula winners up to 1994 lined up and ready to go. On the gripping hand I'm taking a vacation at the end of June to go to the Origins gaming convention for a week so that will slow things down again.

To fill my need for literary content I've decided to fill the time with a few notable works and some oddball things I've recently pulled out of storage. Be here for HG Wells's blog posts and a play through of his game (minus the working cannons, unfortunately), a rare NASA publication featuring commentary on their explorations by Carl Sagan and Freeman Dyson, and more.