Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oddities From my Library - Comics in the Speculator Boom

Despite the grandiose title Internal Correspondence Special: Marvel 1992 Editorial Plan this publication was neither "internal" or "special". It's a compilation of one page ads for Marvel's 1992 line up that was given out to comics retailers at various trade shows. I obtained it since at the time I was working for a comic book dealer. I've hung on to my copy mainly because it's an interesting window into a dark time.

This was the middle of the Marvel explosion when Marvel was flush with cash and pumping out as many books as the printing press could run. So who was the big man in 1992?

The Punisher was featured in six different titles that Marvel promoted. Take that Wolverine! In addition Marvel was promoting several new series by associating them with the Punisher whether there was a connection or not. The revamped Death's Head, Cage, Nomad, Silver Sable, and Terror Inc. were all placed along side the Punisher in their promotions.

Marvel also was promoting a push for female readers this year. So what titles did they offer for women?

Barbie, Barbie Fashion, and Beverly Hills 90210. Why with a line up like that I just can't understand how female readers avoided comics until the rise of manga.

Don't worry sports fans, there's something for you too!