Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rock Me Tamashii!

I stumbled onto something rather interesting last night: Rock Tamashii.

Or Guitar Idol as this apparently mock-up packaging calls it. But they say Rock Tamashii on the actual toys and that's what they can be found as online so that's what I'll stick with. They're thick guitar pick looking things with a speaker and button on them.

When you press the button a hysterically bad Japanese cover of an English pop song plays but it's missing it's guitar track. That track plays only when you strum the with the pick. Essentially the idea is that they're "real" air guitars. After about a minute of time the song stops and it rates your air guitar performance.

Obviously its a low market Guitar Hero but they do have some novelty value. Especially when you get a small pile of them for nothing.

The songs have to be heard to be believed; it features some fine Enrish which makes me think that the singers learned the songs phonetically. There's head phone jack on there but I can't find a male to male 1/8 inch cable (yeah, I know; I had it before so my guess is it was lost in my recent move; every nerd needs to have every possible cable ever needed handy so I'm ashamed of myself there). I may put up some of the songs later this week.