Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Moments Like These I Hate Being a Collector

Putting together my book order for the week I found out that my options for hardcover editions of The Terminus Experiment (1995 Nebula winner) are an incredibly expensive first edition or leather bound. I've paid more for books that it turned out I didn't like while building this collection but never this much for one that I've been 99% certain I'm going to hate since it's by Robert "Hominids" Sawyer. He doesn't even have the decency of Lois Bujold who has the majority of her works available in less expensive omnibuses (though Bujold's Barryar is and will remain the highest I've paid for any book in this collection; fortunately I enjoyed it even if I found it to mainly be light fun).

Yeah, I'm going to get it but I'm not happy about it.