Friday, July 18, 2008

Top Ten Titles

With both The Falling Woman and Falling Free winning back to back and other similar titles going to consecutive award winners in the eighties I had to ask: what is the optimal title for a piece of award winning SF. And so I'd like to announce my upcoming award winning book:

Time of the Last Fireman on Mars
by Robert Willis-Haldeman

Here were the rankings, excluding articles naturally:

  • Man (9 titles)
  • Mars (8 titles)
  • Time, Houston, Fire, Last (6 titles)
  • Moon, Death, You, Queen, No, Dog, Darkness, Gods, Game, Forever (5 titles)
The most common name was Robert as a Robert has won sixteen times but after that the names become directly associated with how many awards that author has won with Willis and Haldeman topping that list.