Thursday, July 31, 2008


Continuing Mars Week I give you the location of one of scenes in the upcoming movie Watchmen:

Much like the more famous "face" on the Cydonia plain this face is a trick of perspective. Still I bet the guys checking the returning images cracked up when they got that one back.

And looking at the current Amazon top ten best sellers list I see:

While I expected an upswing in interest in Watchmen as the movie approached I think every comic book nerd on earth is shocked at the response. A set of issues #1 to #12 are going for hundreds of dollars this week when a few months ago you'd be lucky to get twenty bucks for the set. Copies of the hardcover absolute edition (which is the version I currently own) are going for similar amounts despite the fact that DC plans to reissue it in a few months for the Christmas season. Retailers literally cannot keep the trade paperback on the shelf; many of them report that it sells almost as quickly as they put it out.

This is unprecedented in the history of comic book movies. Earlier comic book films might have caused an upswing in interest in the source material but not this frenzy. The Dark Knight has made Batman books get a bit more attention from comic book fans but it's not driving massive sales for The Dark Knight Returns. I don't know what else to say but "Good for Moore and Gibbons!" They deserve it even if I can't figure out why it's happening.