Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Magazine Just for Übernerds

No, it's not Make even if they are incredibly cool too. I'm talking about:

If you can name at least 80% of the characters on that cover and identify exactly which game each comes from then this is the magazine for you.

[i]Retro Gamer[/i] is published in the U.K. which makes it hard to find over here but I have seen a copy or two from time to time. The expense made me hold off until I saw this collection which appears to be about a year's worth of issues crammed inside. It's actually volume two and it makes me want to hunt down volume one and any other volumes they've made.

Inside you'll find feature articles on the making of classic games, the history of platforms, profiles of a particular publisher or developer, and occasionally a double page spread of a low resolution game. Since it is from the U.K. it does have a very U.K. focus but I didn't mind much since I'm not really that familiar with the Spectrum and Amstrad platforms.

Now to go and find that volume one...