Monday, September 15, 2008

Batman's Nunchuck Collection

I've been relaxing since finishing off my reviews of all of the Nebula winning novels but then this comes along.

(By the way, don't expect a lot of book reviews until I feel up to tackling the World Fantasy Awards and that may be a few months.)

Chris Sims of The Invincible Super Blog provided the world with the concept of Batman with Shark Nunchucks. Others took up the torch and gave us more options for things that Batman could tie together and beat people with. Now the challenge has gone out for anyone regardless of artistic talent to do the same.

So I thought to myself, "Batman is always prepared. What nunchucks would let him be always prepared?" The answer when it occurred to me was obvious. Batman might be prepared for anything but there is only one person who has actually dealt with everything. So I give you...

Batman's Collection of Jimmy OlsenChucks!
(Click to Giant Turtle size it)

For those that need a score card that's Giant Turtle Olsen, Future Brain Olsen, Fat Alien Olsen, Werewolf Olsen, Elastic Lad, Porcupine Olsen, Bizarro Olsen, and just Jimmy Olsen. Oh and Batman being smug in the knowledge that he's prepared for anything.

I had a few more I considdered using but I stuck to just ones in the recent collection The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen just in case this inspires someone like a crazy cover off a spinner rack.

I can't wait to see what other people come up with...