Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Are These Handsome Devils?

Here's pictures of all four 1965 Nebula winners receiving their awards. Can you name them?

Looking at those photos I've determined that I can never be a science fiction author; I don't own a nice enough suit.

The big hint to one of their identities is the fact that he has two Nebulas in front of him. Since 1965 was the first year they were awarded that makes him the first man to win twice.

Read for the answers?

Top left is Brian W. Aldiss who actually crossed the Atlantic to be at that first award ceremony in person.

To the right of him is Harlan Ellison. It's unclear from the photo if he is being curmudgeonly in his acceptance speech but it's a good bet.

The man with two Nebulas is Roger Zelazny. He tied with Aldiss for the Nebula and our last writer for Hugo that year.

Finally we have Frank Herbert who tucked his Nebula under his arm and nearly out of the photo.