Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fan Artists of the 1990's

I'm slowly working my way through Chronospace which is an expansion of Allen Steele's "...Where Angels Fear to Tread" and so I'm delaying moving on in the Hugo short fiction reviews until that is done (here's a hint though; if I'm finding it hard to pick up a book then odds are I don't like it much). So I thought now would be a nice time to show another decade worth of Hugo winning fan artists.

As I did with the earlier list I'm skipping over winners that I've already covered. Get ready for a lot of cartoonists...

Stu Shiffman
1990 Hugo Winner for Best Fan Artist

While Shiffman has been active in the science fiction fan community the only sampling of his work (as opposed to the occasional single image) that I could find online is a collection of t-shirt designs he did ten years ago.

Teddy Harvia
1991, 1995, 2001, and 2002 Hugo Winner for Best Fan Artist

A constant nominee for the Best Fan Artist Hugo (he has been nominated almost every year since the late 80's), Teddy Harvia has a very extensive site covering his work.

Peggy Ranson
1993 Hugo Winner for Best Fan Artist

Ranson has worked a professional illustrator for language books and provided illustrations for stories in fanzines. That makes her stand out from the other artists who won the fan award in the 1990's since the rest of them primarily worked as cartoonists. There is a gallery of her work available at

Joe Mayhew
1998 and 2000 Hugo Winner for Best Fan Artist

Mayhew passed away in 2000 but a very extensive collection of his work is maintained online. With his art he was primarily a cartoonist but he worked in other mediums as well which is why I chose to showcase one of his wood carved canes above. With many of these artists the only work I can find online are illustrations so I had to take the opportunity even if the photograph isn't the best quality.

Ian Gunn
1999 Hugo Winner for Best Fan Artist

Gunn's Hugo award was posthumous; he died in 1998. Gunn was an Australian cartoonist who produced several a fanzine of them called Silly Illoes. The best sampling of his work that I could find online can be found here along with his obituary.