Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Passing of Forest J. Ackerman

I could hardly refer to myself as Das Übernerd without noting the passing of one of the first great Übernerds: Forest J. Ackerman.

I have to confess that while I've heard of Ackerman all of the deeds of fandom that he's remembered for like the magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland, his massive collection of SF memorabilia which he gladly showed to anyone who made the trip to his home, and the huge fandom communities he helped create since they were both before my time and well removed from myself geographically. He was awarded a Hugo in that first ceremony back in 1953 for the "#1 Fan Personality" and that's one award I've never heard anyone challenge.

I've read the anecdotes but I don't feel that I knew him or his works well enough to eulogize him. So I will just wish farewell from one Übernerd to the the King of the Übernerds.