Monday, May 11, 2009

World Fantasy Award Special! The Winning Novels in Five Words or Less!

And now because one person demanded it (or something like it)! I'm giving myself five words to categorize each of the World Fantasy Award winners. The first is the broad box I'd put the book in, the last is my general reaction to the story, and between is what comes to mind.

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld - Traditional, Fairy Tale, Charming, Enjoyed
Bid Time Return - Modern, Victorian, Time Travel, Disliked
Doctor Rat - Allegorical, Anthropomorphic, Screed, Preachy, Annoyed
Our Lady of Darkness - Urban, Horror, Lovecraftian, Creepy, Pleased
Gloriana - Elizabethan, Sexual, Gormenghast-esque, Intrigued
Watchtower - Traditional, Psuedo-medieval, Commune, Quest, Bored
Little, Big - Urban, Fairies, Generational, Memoirs, Ambivalent
Nifft the Lean - Traditional, Pulpy, Lieber-esque, Novellas, Reviled
The Dragon Waiting - Traditional, Historical, Name Dropping, Okay
Bridge of Birds - Historical, Quests, China, Humorous, Loved
Mythago Woods - Allegorical, Metatextual, Post-WWII, proto-Gaiman, Positive
Song of Kali - Urban, Horror, Indian, Disturbing, Squeemish
Perfume - Historical, European, Meandering, 1800's, Dreary
Replay - Urban, Time Travel, Growth, Curious
Koko - Urban, Vietnam, Suspense, Non-Fantasy, Irritated
Lyonesse: Madous - Traditional, Coming-of-age, Fairies, Idiots, Shoddy
Only Begotten Daughter - Urban, Allegorical, Religious, Quirky, Likable
Thomas the Rhymer - Historical, Fairies, Folk Tale, Ecstatic
Boy's Life - Urban, Memoirs, Boomers, Southern, Wistful
Last Call - Urban, Games, Epic, Rollicking, Playful
Glimpses - Urban, Time Travel, Boomers, Despised
Towing Jehovah - Allegorical, Religious, Preachy, Mixed-messages, Cold
The Prestige - Historical, 1800's, Tesla, Magicians, Taken-in
The Physiognomy - Urban, Insanity, Psuedo-Victorian, Odd, Confounded
Godmother Night - Urban, Memoirs, Deadly, Coming-of-age, Satisfied
The Antelope Wife - Urban, Generational, Memoirs, Passive, Hurled
Thraxas - Traditional, Stereotypical, Unfunny, Painful, Murderous
Galveston - Urban, Post-apocalypse, Coming-of-age, Inconsistent, Weary
Declare - Historical, Espionage, Lovecraftian, Religious, Hungry
The Other Wind - Traditional, Earthsea, Wrapping-up, Fans, Indifferent
The Facts of Life - Historical, Memoirs, Coming-of-age, Family, Interested
Ombria in Shadow - Traditional, Gormenghast-esque, Intrigue, Layered, Shocked
Tooth and Claw - Other, Psuedo-Victorian, Dragons, Lifeless, Insufficient
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - Historical, 1800's, Stylistized, Fairies, Sequel
Kafka on the Shore - Urban, Quirky, Coming-of-age, Fated, Pondering
Soldier of Sidon - Historical, Twisty, Mind-bending, Thoughtful, Impressed
Ysabel - Urban, Coming-of-age, YA, Unpleasant, Dissatisfied