Monday, August 24, 2009

The Many Letters of Todd Klein

Hey, I got my scanner working!

1993, Sandman #41

And since I'm still waiting for the 2009 Hugo winners to show up in my mailbox it's time for the Eisner award winning work of Todd Klein.

Klein has won more often than anyone; since 1993 there have been only two years where he has not won an Eisner award. Klein has lettered some of the best comics published which doesn't hurt when it comes to fan recognition but even without that he's got a good sense of design.

So here is a sampling of his work from each of the years which he won an Eisner for.

1994, Hellblazer #67

1995, Sandman #62

1997, Kingdom Come #3

1998, Castle Waiting: The Curse of Brambly Hedge

1999, Castle Waiting #5

2000, Tom Strong #4

2001, Top Ten #9

2002, Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #1

2003, Fables #6

2004, 1602 #2

2005, Fables #25

2006, Seven Soldiers #0

2007, Eternals #3

2008, Crossing Midnight #6