Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back from C2E2

I've been gone for a week between business and then a trip to Chicago for the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo. Now in fairness I haven't to the two biggest comic book conventions out there (San Diego and New York) but I have to say that this was the best comic book convention I've ever been to.

From experience I knew I couldn't handle more than one day at a comic book convention; there usually just wasn't enough for me to do. I was wrong. I could have easily spent the whole weekend there. I'm still glad I didn't since I spent the rest of that time touring Chicago, eating at world class restaurants, and seeing shows but if I can squeeze in going next year I may go on Saturday and Sunday.

Part of that was the sheer quantity of creators there. I couldn't turn around without pumping into someone whose work I was familiar with. Looking through Boom Studios booth; hey there's Mark Waid! And over there at the next booth it's Max Brook promoting the World War Z comic (he couldn't tell me anything about the movie, by the way). George R. R. Martin is going to be on the next aisle over in twenty minutes (I never did see him though I think it wouldn't have been hard to get the chance). I met more comic book creators in one day than I ever have even at large shows.

Also the venue was the best for any nerd convention I've been to. A huge show floor with natural lighting laid out in a way to make getting around convenient and tables organized so that what you're looking for would be grouped together.

In fact if I had to pick one adjective to describe C2E2 it's "organized". Everything was laid out perfectly, the staff handled things efficiently, and the show seemed built about making it as convenient and easy to enjoy for everyone. I'm used to conventions being haphazard affairs where you have no room to breathe and get turned around. C2E2 wasn't like that which made it the best convention experience I ever had.

Getting to see Neil Gaiman was just a bonus.