Friday, January 1, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Dream In Thirty Seconds

It's that time of year again. Chris over at the Invincible Super Blog has called upon comic book fans to summarize stories very quickly with shoddy artwork. Two years ago I went big created The History of the DC Universe In Thirty Seconds. Last year I went for broke and played with the sacred cow of comic books with Watchmen in Thirty Seconds.

This year I thought I'd bring things back a little bit and just do one issue after I had so much trouble cutting Watchmen down to a handful of poorly drawn images. So I give you:

(Click on the pictures to make them readable-sized!)

Finally, I'm leaving on a two week vacation starting Saturday morning which means I probably won't be able to reply to any comments to this post. So in advance I want to wish good luck to my competitors; I'm sure they'll all be a lot of fun.